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AuroraFire HonorGuard2

President - Sean Moran
(voted in: January 2016)

Born in Denver,CO
1991 graduate of Overland High School
1996 4th round draft pick by the Buffalo Bills
1996-2000 member of the Buffalo Bills
1997 graduate of Colorado State University - Bachelors Degree, 1997
2000-2001 member of the St. Louis Rams
Played in Super Bowl 36
2002-2003 member of the San Francisco 49'ers
1996-2004 Eight year NFL career
Member of the NFLPA since 1996
2006 Hired as a volunteer with the Fairmount Fire Protection District
2009 - Present: member of the Aurora Fire Department and AFFPA Local 1290
2013 - Elected C-shift Trustee of the Executive Board
2016 - January 1st, Elected President of Local 1290

A-Shift Vice President - Ken Kahler
(voted in: January 2016)

Joined Aurora Fire in 2001.
Assigned to Station 2, busiest station in Aurora, since 2002.
Member of the AFD HazMat Team since 2004.
Promoted to Lieutenant in 2008.
Served as the Training Lieutenant in 2012 and again in 2014.
Certified CMCB Evaluator and Instructor.
Member of Local 1290 since 2001.
Chair of Local 1290’s Veterans Committee.  Served 8 years of active duty in the U.S. Marine Corps.

B-Shift Vice President - Dan Pollet
(voted in: 2014)

B-shift Trustee 2012-2014
Fire Academy Class of 2009
Tower 8- 2013-present   
Engine 8- 2011-2013
Technical Rescue Team 2011-present
B-shift Rover 2010
Probation TWR 8/E7 '09-'10
Chair: Discipline Committee
Proud product of A-Town and lifelong resident

C-Shift Vice President - Dave Hamam
(voted in: January 2016)

Fire Academy Class of 2000-1
Station 15 - June 2015.  
Truck 2 - 2011-2015
Station 7 - '09-2011
Training: '08-'09 (Certified CMCB Evaluator and Instructor)
Engine 2: '06-'08 (Promoted to Engineer 2006)
Station 2 Rover: '01-'06
Probation Truck 2/Engine 5: '00-'01
HAZMAT Technician and HAZMAT Monitor Repair Team for 6 years.
Chair: Social Media Committee
Chair: Social Media Committee, Outreach Committee, Union Apparatus Committee
Organizer/Fundraiser for Firefighters of Aurora Benevolent Fund (FABF) Annual Golf Tourney
Liaison: Dante's Wingferno (FABF fundraiser)
AirLife Communications Specialist (’98-’08)
Proud Veteran of U.S. Marine Corps ('92-'96)

B-Shift Trustee - Dave Kaiser
(voted in January 2016)

Fire Academy Class of 2001-1
Current Assignment: Lieutenant Engine 2 (since 2006)
Past Assignments,
Engine 8 B-shift, Rescue Tech (2003-2006)
Engine 3 B-shift, Rescue Tech (2002-2003)
Roving Rescue Tech B-shift (2002)
Probation Engine 9 / Heavy Rescue 8 (2001)
HAZMAT Team Member / HAZMAT Technician since 2006
TRT Team Member (2003-2006) / Tech Rescue Technician
Past Union Experience - B shift VP 2004-2006
Colorado State Paramedic since 1999

C-Shift Trustee - Steve Reynoldson
(voted in January 2016)
Fire Academy Class of 2002
Probation at Engine 1C, Truck 6C
Station 2C 2003-2005
Paramedic School 2005, promoted to Rescue Tech
Engine 11B, 2006
Station 2A, 2006-2013
Engine 3C, 2013-Present
BS Zoology, Idaho State University, 1990
MS Physical Therapy, 1992
HAZMAT Technician 2004-Present
Paramedic Field Instructor 2007-Present
Previous Local 1290 Executive Board, 2010-2013
Chair, EMS Committee

Political Action Liaison - Jimmy Allen

Secretary/Treasurer - Brian Good
A-Shift Trustee - VACANT

(see volunteer vacancies list)

40hr./wk VP, Vacant

(see volunteer vacancies list)


PR/Social Media: Chair - Dave Hamam, Members - Jesse Kapusta, Hector Zuniga, Eric DeMaria. Additional contribution - AFR Family Network (FB)

Outreach:  Chair - Dave Hamam, Co-Chair - Scott Archer, Members - Amy Reinhardt, Emmalee Terribery (See volunteer vacancies list)

Honor Guard: Commander - Gabe Refuerzo; Members - Cyndi Andersen, Brent Servoss, Larry Holmes, Kirk Guldbeck, Bryson Marquez, Jared Baca, Scott Archer, Zac Varela, Ishmael Hernandez, Frank Sanchez, Davi DiMartino, Dominic Zappia (Ret.)  Pipes & Drums - Tom Johnson (See volunteer vacancies list)

Discipline Committee:  Chair - Dan Pollet, Members - Dan Bergman, Brent Servoss

Negotiations Committee 2016 (for 2017-2018): Chair - Sean Moran, Co-Chair - Brian Good, Members - Rhonda Kelly, Bernd Hoefler, Doug Whiting, Aaron Igel

Negotiations Committee 2018 (for 2019-2020): Chair - Sean Moran, Co-Chair - Brian Good, Members - Vacant, need 4 (see volunteer vacancies list)

EMS Committee:  Chair - Steve Reynoldson, Members - Brad Racine, Dan Toomey, Bryson Marquez

Veterans Committee:  Chair -  Ken Kahler, Trustees - Mike Tschanz, Trent Deppermann

Apparatus Committee:  Chair: -Dave Hamam, Co-Chair - Bill Kraus, Members - Mike Bellio, Brad Stone, RJ Floyd, Tom Dill, Chris Shannon, Dean McVicker, Todd Muncy

Retiree Liaison: Vacant (see volunteer vacancies list)

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