Aurora Family in Need

Hello to All,
I hope this letter finds you all well during this holiday season. I am writing this letter seeking donations for a family in our Aurora Community. Aurora fire responded to the Nguyen residence on Dec 1 st , on reports of a house explosion . When we arrived we found two of the five family members with life threatening burns. Both family members were taken to the hospital for further care. Unfortunately, the Nguyen family has lost their 62 year old father who succumbed to his injuries. The family also has a 22 year old son that is in the ICU with many complications from burns.
As a first responder we all have seen our fair share of tragic events. At times, for one reason or
another, these events can impress upon us to want to do and be more. The Nguyen family tragedy was one of those horrifying events at best and in that, this is one of those situations that I feel compelled to be more than just a firefighter or Paramedic. We are all human and it is my hope to be able to show the Nguyen family a sense of humanity, companion and community in this time of sorrow and loss.
Although these donations will do little to ease the loss that this family faces this holiday season, it is my goal that these donations can help assist them with some of the financial burdens they will be facing.  The plan is to have all donations collected by February 12 th , in time to be gifted to the family just before the Lunar New Year, February 16 th . The Lunar New Year is a symbol in many Vietnamese families of letting go of all things bad in the past year, and starting fresh in the new year. I feel this will also give the family a period of grieving for the loss of their family.
If you would like to contribute to the Nguyen family please send donations to St 9 A in an envelope addressed to The Nguyen family Donation.

Thank you all for your time in this matter,
Jenny Nehrig; ST 9A

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