Call for Political Action - Tomorrow


Members, Retirees, Friends and Family,

Please pass on to any interested family members, friends and family living in Ward II of Aurora. Your Local 1290 eboard believes the race for Ward II will be a tight one. It is also very important. Local 1290 supports Nicole Johnston in Ward II.  She is smart, ambitious and very efficient.  Nicole is very much pro Fire and EMS, she fully understands the poor state of affairs the fire department is in right now and how we got here. We all have many goals for our department...most, if not all, are achievable. We need smarter and more motivated people on the city council to achieve our lofty, but reasonable goals...people that understand there is reliable science and data available to city management regarding response criteria, risk management and public safety as a whole.

Nicole lives in Adonea, which is our NE-most neighborhood in Aurora. Her children attend the local schools up there and she is keenly aware of our poor response times (to her home and schools) directly due to poor planning by current and former city administration. Nicole supports transparency in government and community involvement in planning.  You can read all about that on her FB and web pages. Nicole has roots with Buckley as a Marine's wife and community activist, both on and off base.  She knows how to get things done and has the drive to follow through!

Nicole can use some folks tomorrow at a no-cost campaign, Knocking with Nicole from 4:30 - 6:30...I'm coming in from Evergreen, so no excuses there folks.

Nicole is also having a fundraiser Sep 28th at the home of former council member, Molly Markert. Click Here for the evite. 

Be on the look-out for more calls to action and requests for participation. Thank you all for reading!

How badly do you want change?

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