Dante's Wingferno

winferno poster1Good afternoon!

Tomorow is the 5th Annual Dante's Wingferno challenge.  If you have any free time between 12 -4, please stop by Dry Dock (South Dock - Hampden & Chambers) to support those participating in this year's challenge.  

We have a new format where those participating suffer for free, and the non-eating sadists pledge to those participating.  You simply pledge a dollar amount per wing that a participant can eat. Each participant must eat at least 3 hot wings and up to 9.  The winner is determined by who eats 9 the fastest.  There are some great prizes this year and we expect this to be the biggest event yet!  This event benefits the Firefighters of Aurora Benevolent Fund (FABF).

Please see the attached flyer for additional information and use the link below to register as an eater.  I hear Migs and Sanchez are signing up as eaters, be on the lookout for them to sponsor. Nobody would miss a $1/wing pledge (topping out at 9 wings) but it adds up, I assure you!

Thank you all for your support, we are looking forward to an amazing day!  If you would like to help out tomorrow, please see FF Brook Anderson at Dry Dock for an assignment.  Please tell Brook Thank you and if you bump into Kevin from Dry Dock or Jared from Wing Hut (both participating) please tell them thank you!  

Jared has especially done a huge amount of work on this. We hope to see many of you out there tomorrow!

Please send your best pictures to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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