IAFF 100th Anniversary - Wed. 2/28



With the help and leadership of your IAFF, the industry of Firefighting has come a long way in the past 100 years.  All CPFF members are asked to come to the State House at 0800 for a resolution to be read on the Senate Floor of this historic day. Please wear Class A and let Jimmy Allen ((303) 359-1451) know you plan on attending. At 0900, there will be a photo on the west steps documenting this day in history.  Afterwards there will be a reading of an IAFF resolution in the Senate Chambers followed by the National Anthem on Bagpipes.

It's natural to sometimes wonder what your union has done for you.  The reading of this resolution should help point you in the right direction.  To those that continue down that rabbit hole, add one more question, "what have I done my union?"

We hope to see some of you there to help rep for A-Town.  Keep up the outstanding work and hold your heads high...you are Aurora's Bravest!

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