Kelly Stewart Update - Call to Action

Members and esteemed ritirees,

If you've not yet heard, Engineer Kelly Stewart was recently involved in a serious motorcycle accident at his home.  Below is a note from Aaron Igel with a call to action.  Attached is further details if you are interested.

Kelly Stewart Update / Party on the Prairie

After over a week in the hospital, with 4 of those days in ICU, Kelly is now recovering at home. He has had several follow up appointments and, slowly but surely, his recovery is on schedule.  Although his recovery is progressing quite well, he is still very limited on what he can do. Kelly is extremely thankful for all the support, offers of support and well wishes.  

The hours before his accident, Kelly spent the day digging trenches and burying irrigation on his property. His intentions were to complete the project over the following weeks. Unfortunately, he was unable to make  that happen. Like most of us, Kelly is very reluctant to ask for help. Through some encouragement and persuasion, Ol’ 5 Job Kelly was reminded that he had only one job.  Recovering.  

We have obtained several action items that he will not be able to complete prior to the snow flying.  Next Tuesday (10/1) and next Wednesday (10/2),  there will be  a work party at Kelly’s house. Work will begin after shift on Tuesday and go throughout the day. Then again on Wednesday. Any bit of your help would be much appreciated. Please text Aaron Igel, 303-594-5135, with your availability. A group text message with further information will follow. 

Thank you. ai


Kelly Stewart

50111 E. Maplewood Place

Bennett, CO 80102

Quincy east to Kiowa/Bennett Road, South to Orchard, East to Kelly's house