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Local 1290 has been approached from several people and organizations offering employment to fire department members.  Based on feedback we've received we know some of your budgets are stretched with our recent contract that provided minimal increase to salaries.  We're offering a forum to help any firefighters interested in picking up some extra dough.  If you or someone you know has additional job opportunities, please share in the comments section below.

Falck Rocky Mountain:  (From Dave Patterson) 

I wanted to personally extend an invitation to members of 1290 who may be interested in part time work at Falck. I think this also helps with the daily on-scene relationships and interaction, and could especially hold true with the recent schedule changes. I believe it’s very important to cultivate that working relationship through those contacts, and this is one mechanism that might support those efforts.

I can commit to a “fast tracked” on-boarding for any AFR member who is interested in some part time work here, and am happy to also personally answer any questions your folks may have about this opportunity. My mobile number is included below for your reference; feel free to share it (and my e-mail address) with any interested member.

David Patterson, Chief Executive Officer

cid:<a href= Rocky Mountain

Cell:         (720) 415-5105         E-mail:     This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


From: Chief Ricard,Ret., Local 1290 Retiree Liaison

Full disclosure: Chief Ricard gave this one to me several months ago and I put it off...they may or may not be looking for drivers currently.  Please see attached photos for details.  The only additional info I received was they were actively seeking firefighters to drive their shuttles.  



There is a new mobile app that I know some of you have tried (Hidrent Pro)...if you have tried this, please comment on your experience below.  If you are not aware of the app, it's very new.  Please read study up and read reviews before diving in.  This app is designed to match firefighters with local handyman type jobs.  All payments are processed through the app.  It appears you can find jobs for both the area you work in and/or the area you live.  As stated before, its a new app, so there are a very limited number of jobs open.  This app has been rolled out in a few other cities.  When you search for this app, you will see Hidrent and Hidrent Hidrent Pro...the Hidrent app is for those looking to post jobs.

Hidrent Pro

Aeration by Ambassettor could use some hard working folks.  I am too busy to handle all my aeration request.  I am looking for several guys (on different shifts) to help me out.  Have them call or text me direct  Rob 303-809-6534 
It is a short season so get it while the getting is good.

Rob Bassett
(303) 985-7233 Main
(303) 809-6534 Cell

From John Woodruff:  I install sunsetter awnings all summer but I need help until my oldest gets back from college.  I will need a person part-time during the week as I get awnings.  I pay $30 cash per awing to begin and $40 once they get to know what to do.  I have installed 5 in one day, however, this is not common.  I usually install 2-3 per day when the season is going full swing.

Good luck all!

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