Virtual Fill the Boot (cont.)

Members, friends and family,

THIS IS A CALL TO ACTION. Action that completed with a few simple clicks and at no cost to you. We really didn't get that many shares on social media, and we're asking again to please share our MDA posts once/week for the next (now) 3 weeks. THANK YOU TO THOSE THAT DID SHARE AND MORESO TO THOSE THAT DONATED! Here's additional information you'll be seeing on our social media now. If you're not on social media, please email to your friends and family. Remember, there's no shortage of people willing to donate, just a shortage of people willing to ask.

Facebook & Twitter: @IAFFLocal1290

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The MDA Kevin Hart Kids Telethon is finally here!

This Saturday, the entire country will be tuning in to help raise money and awareness for families fighting back against muscle disease and we want YOU to join us! See below for all the details and how the IAFF is getting involved!

A Star– Studded List of Special Guests…


Dave Hamam, C-Shift VP & Comms