Eboard Retreat and Broncos Invite

Members and Esteemed Retirees,

The L1290 EBoard will be holding meetings all day this Sunday the 8th at our union hall and CPFF Event Center (12 Lakeside Ln, Lakeside, CO). The Broncos game will be shown on TVs all throughout. You are all hereby invited to join us for the game. We will be available all day to discuss new and old union business. We also welcome our retirees to impart some of their wisdom or just "spin some yarn", as they say!

The EBoard will be meeting all morning, afternoon and evening. The broncos game begins at 11:00. Please make yourself at home. Hopefully the weather will permit an open patio for us. If not, we'll give the outside heaters a good test.

I apologize for the late notice, but our union leave request (with a date change) was submitted late and just approved. Please spread the word. We are in the process of making some website changes, so this will be cross posted.

Dave Hamam

C-Shift VP, Comms & PR